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Switches get Bitches

BF4 Switch and Cuts cup 2018

Small summary of the tournament

On monday the 19th of March the tournament started. 12 pilots were about to fly for the honorable title, Mr SwitchBitchCutSlut 2018! The tournament started good, matches were scheduled via the platoon chat, people where recording there matches and posted them on Youtube. Unfortunately some delay entered the tourney. Different timezones, not responding on messages....

The following days/weeks the tournament slowly progressed but the matches were fun. I must admit, looking at the bracket, the difference in scores were a bit to big to my opinion. To much matches ended like 5-1 or 5-0. The match between Switchophrenia and imanium was fun to watch. Another match I liked to watch in spectator mode was between -END-M4XlMUS and iDF-Snickers. Intense fights!

Unfortunately a nasty incident occurred during a match between FlufyMarshmllows and Switchophrenia. We all know how that ended. I was very disapointed by the incident. I don't know how the other pilots felt, I mean, lets be honest, the game is old and not many people play anymore. The dogfight community isn't alive anymore the way it was, but still it was a nasty incident...

We ended the tourney on the 26th of Aril. So for a tourney with 12 pilots it took a long time. FlufyMarshmllows, a well respected top BF3 dogfighter and iDF-Snickers, also a well respected top BF4 dogfighter were in the final. They flew for the honorable title Mr SwitchBitchCutSlut 2018! The final took three days, about two hours per day. The fights were very long and intense. Both of them didn't want to loose. I could clearly see this in spectator mode. FlufyMarshmllows started the match very strong. He gained a lead by 3-1. But iDF-Snickers crashed two times. iDF-Snickers got the upper hand in the match and won the final by 5-3! Very strong comeback! Both of them created a great final!

The winner of the tournament, Mr SwitchBitchCutSlut 2018, iDF-Snickers! Congratulations!

Both of them have a Youtube channel. They will post the final on their channels. iDF-Snickers FlufyMarshmllows

I streamed some of the final in spectator mode. The last part of the final has some good quality. At that time the score was 3-3.Some nice spectator gameplay.

I want to thank iDC-Doc with helping out end setting up the tourney. Also being the admin this tourney needed! imanium created that awesome emblem! The bracket with the results.