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Why I started this server...

I started this server when I noticed, that the dogfight server, Jin's Dogfight Jungle, was no longer online. I wanted to learn how to dogfight! I wanted to get better at it. I wanted to learn switches, scissors, cuts, speed control and more. I went to the following site, and rented a server. The end of November 2016 the server was online!

Switches get the Bitches and Cuts get the Sluts!

Dogfight Practice...

In the beginning, I started to dogfight against various pilots with different styles. They were giving me some tips regarding switching, timing, headons and cutting. I got a little better at dogfighting and the following months, I flew against several other pilots and improved a little.

In June 2016, I started to fly against iDF-Haavke. Haavke has been around for sometime in the dogfight community. He was also there, when iDF-Jin hosted his server Jin's Dogfight Jungle. BTW, I was also around but gave dogfighting up....Somehow Haavke and me got along and the following months we practiced a lot. We uploaded our fights to Youtube to whatch each others improvement/mistakes. I can only speak for my self but these sessions I improved a lot. To my opnion Haavke improved also! During our sessions a pilot called Dzendog showed up. A top pilot who started to practice whit us. He has an interresting style. He uses the BF4 cam and for what I know, most of the pilots use the BF3 cam. Dzendog is now retired. Haavke is the pilot I practice the most with. I don't know what level I am now, if there is any level nowadays, but I think I am slightly above average.

The future...

March 2018 I organized a small tourney. Despite some small incidents I believe the participants liked the idea of a tourney. So in March 2019 I will do another tourney. This time with hopefully some more pilots. You can register hereSign up!

Despite there is not much of a dogfight scene left anymore I still like to dogfight. It's kind of addictive xD. I see you in the skys!

The end of March 2019 this server is RIP. Dogfighting was fun! The tournament is cancelled!

The server...

Unfortunatly some pilots caused some trouble on the server. Like shooting at pilots who are dogfighting or entering the server and instantly shooting with activs/passives to dogfighters. I know from my own experience that it can be very frustating sometimes. But that's part of the learning curve. It doesn't mean you have to be a noob and begin to rage vs other pilots. Take a beer/whiskey and calm down xD.

From now on I will kick and ban everyone who is acting like a fool or just being a retarded fucking moran! No more warnings!